Association of Construction Industry Certified Professionals (ACICP.ORG) is a national organization composed of construction industry professionals who have dedicated themselves to earning a higher degree of certification in specialized trade knowledge and experience. The CI® Certified certification is earned through the completion of a specially designed CI® Certified training program and successfully passing the ACICP subject-based competency examination. Other accredited training with acceptable examination criteria may be submitted for certification approval.

Discussion Groups
Florida Codetalk is a group of contractors, inspectors, building officials and other construction industry professionals networking together to share ideas, comments, concerns and to answer technical questions through e-mail.   Save Florida Construction is a members only Blog for Construction Industry Professionals to network together to share ideas, comments, concerns, as well as current legislative, regulatory, and other government events concerning the Construction Industry.

Approved Training partners
The Contractors Institute has been educating, training and preparing Construction Professionals since 1971. For more than 40 years, we have evolved into the largest construction school in Florida. Now, the Contractors Institute brings our experience and leadership to the state of Georgia. Georgia Contractors can gain valuable continuing education hours in our innovative Live Online Classrooms without ever leaving the comfort of their own home. The Building Officials Institute is now the ICC Code Institute. The ICC Code Institute continues to offer Building Official National ICC training programs to prepare construction industry professionals for the International Code Council (ICC) certifications. Contractors Library is a full service construction bookstore. The Contractors Library has been in business since 1994 selling construction books, construction related computer programs, AIA Documents, Safety Manuals, and much more. If there is anything you need for a Florida Construction or Electrical Contractors, or Building Inspector/Plans Examiner exam, chances are we carry it!