The Association of Construction Industry Certified Professionals

The ACICP is a national testing agency composed of construction industry professionals who have dedicated themselves to earning a higher degree of certification in specialized trade knowledge. The ACICP establishes a minimum standard of trade knowledge that is verifiable by government licensing agencies, corporations, and individuals across the country.

The Association was founded in 2006 by Mr. Robert Koning, owner and director of Contractors Institute. Mr. Koning has been proud to offer quality construction education through his school for the last 30 years. 


Certifications can be obtained after passing one of our DBPR-approved competency exams in your trade. More information about each specific trade can be found here. 

Upon successful examination, your demonstration of knowledge will be honored with a Certificate of Competency and automatic 2 years of membership with the ACICP.

Our testing agency is partnered with trusted industry experts who have developed a curriculum which strongly adheres to the ACICP's core values of safety and code-compliance.

More information about our training partners can be found at the bottom of the page. These partners include the Contractors Institute, CI-Certified, and Stucco Institute

Membership is available only to those who have proven their competency and understanding of minimum trade standards by passing an ACICP examination. Members may renew their membership upon expiration (every 2 years). Information on renewing a membership will be available soon.

All ACICP members will have their name listed in our Member Directory.

Training Partners

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