Georgia Online Continuing Education - 3 Hours Mold - Remediation


3 hour course on mold remediation

In our southern climate, mold is a common and potentially hazardous presence in our homes and workplaces. This specialized course, with a particular focus on our Georgia environment, is developed to equip those in the remediation and construction professions with the knowledge and tools necessary for effective mold remediation.

Our course begins by defining microbial contaminants, including an in-depth exploration of various types of mold, biological and chemical pollutants, and the health concerns associated with them. We will then move into practical elements, such as visual inspection procedures and sampling methods (including air, bulk, swab, tape, and traps).

Participants will gain a thorough understanding of the equipment used for proper assessment, such as moisture and humidity measuring tools, as well as methods for identifying moisture intrusion. The course will also cover reading laboratory results and writing remediation protocols, two key skills for professionals in this field.

A critical section of our course focuses on the human side of mold remediation, including customer considerations and liability considerations. We will also cover in-progress inspections, clearance follow-up reports, and post-remediation verification to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the entire remediation process.

The course delves into the technical aspects of remediation, covering topics such as repair and reconstruct procedures, understanding vapor and moisture barriers, moisture control, and the importance of following assessor protocols. Participants will also learn about containment, negative pressurization, air exchange, work zones, and the equipment used in these processes.

Safety is paramount in mold remediation, and as such, we will discuss the usage of personal protective equipment (PPE), respirators, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements.

Upon completion of this course, participants will have a comprehensive understanding of mold remediation, from initial inspection to post-remediation verification, with a specific focus on our Georgia climate. This course will serve as a valuable resource for professionals in remediation and construction, enhancing their ability to protect both themselves and their clients in our mold-prone environment.

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